"with rest and quiet contemplation we can shoulder our burdens again and move forward."

sascha – 26 – he/himwhite disabled socialist lesbianmy beloveds: isis and parker

do not follow me if you are under 18.my accounts are not pornographic, however I might sometimes discuss adult topics frivolously.i use content warnings for any detailed or explicit NSFW discussion or imagery (VERY rare).i may skip content warnings for un-detailed commentary (for example: jokes about a character being dragged around on a leash, or chastity caged).i use my best judgment for what i perceive to be explicit or not. let me know if i make a mistake and i'll fix it.

i use content warnings for these -- but note there are some sensitive topics which interest me to some degree (so i often talk about them casually, typically through a fictional or historical lens):*** insects / spiders (including pictures)
*** disasters (including engineering, maritime, and natural)
*** executions
*** Fictional Bad Guys, generally (N Corp, ShinRa, Ascians, Reapers, the DJD, etc.)
*** gore / body horror / surgery
*** horror, generally
*** poisoning
*** vore / cannibalism

please warn me for detailed discussions of the following:*** abuse of benzodiazepines or opiates
*** any use of date rape drugs
*** incest
*** sexual assault
*** CSA/pedophilia

(in no particular order)

  • black sails

  • discworld

  • fromsoft (esp. bloodborne)

  • fable games

  • final fantasy (6/7/8/10/13)

  • jjba (esp. part 7)

  • killing eve

  • project moon (esp. limbus company)

  • sunless sea/fallen london

  • the terror (AMC)

  • warframe


  • gardening (esp. carnivorous and poisonous plants)

  • classical piano & harpsichord

  • medical history & disease ecology

  • electronics & computer programming

  • wet plate photography

  • horses

  • cats

  • insects & spiders

  • second life

  • pet games

  • writing & roleplay

  • cosplay

  • horror

  • monsters

  • industrial & experimental music


  • Active: ~ none right now ~


♂ he/him
"megatron's mad dog"
primary kin: deadlock (IDW transformers)
secondary: captain flint (black sails), samuel vimes (discworld), ephraim winslow (the lighthouse)
→ you'll be left alone if you're frightening, and dead you're free!




♀ she/her


☿ she/it